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Threads dont work again after NVIC_SystemReset

Question asked by ismail fatih iltar on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by ismail fatih iltar

Hi, My system is  stm32f746 + lwip + ethernet(phy=lan8742A). 

and i have 3 threads in my program. 1 for gpio control(blinky led etc.), 1 for httpd webserver and 1 for catching udp packages.

sys_thread_new("HTTPD", httpd_server_thread, NULL, 128, osPriorityRealtime)

sys_thread_new("DATASERVER", data_server_thread, NULL, 1024, osPriorityRealtime );
sys_thread_new("GPIOCONTROL", gpio_control_thread, NULL, 128, osPriorityIdle );

The system works well on STM32F7 Disco board. On my pcb When i powered up, it works well too. But when i call 


after reset just gpio thread works. ethernet threads blocked (same program isnt locked after reset at disco board). If I reenergized my pcb, it starts to work again. I know the explanation is too generic but i need any idea about it. Because it's ridiculous error. and i have not logical idea about the reason.