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STM32F42 - Memorymap differences between Datasheet and Reference Manual

Question asked by Christoph Eschenbach on Jun 5, 2018
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Hello there,

I found some differences between the memory mapping of the Datasheet and the Reference Manual:

DS STM32F4x Rev10 - Memory map pg. 86

Option Bytes 0x1FFE C000 - 0x1FFE C008

Reserved      0x1FFE C00F - 0x1FFE FFFF

/* missing info C008 - C00F -*/

RM STM32F4 Rev16  - Table 6. pg. 77

Option Bytes 0x1FFE C000 - 0x1FFE C00F


Same for bank to on 0x1FFF C000 ...


This defines no problem but which should be referred to?