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ICS negative gain - how to?

Question asked by boeh.frank on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2014 by boeh.frank
I am currently trying to deploy the STM32 foc library (v3.4 currently, v4.0 available not not tried yet) on a custom designed board.

The motor does not startup, and I have tracked down the problem to a polarity mismatch in the ICS current measurement. In my design, current flowing out of the motor into the inverter has a positive sign. The library expects it the opposite way.

As that polarity is now given (and was also necessary due to layout constraints) and I do not want to add an inverting buffer - is there a way to modify or fool the library to accept that negative gain? For example, inverting ADC readout for the respective channels. Or can I just set "AMPLIFICATION_GAIN" to a negative value?