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Starting of Motor Control ToolKit

Question asked by Furkan Aydogan on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by russo.giuseppe




I am a newbie on ST products and have a motor control toolkit SPC5-MCTK-01. I followed "Quick_Start_Guide_MCTK_cx536446_1.10.pdf" document to setup toolkit.


I am trying to setup software with insturctions in page 13. I have a problem on 3rd step. I have imported demo application SPC560Pxx_RLA_Web_Motor_Control_Demo_Application on SPC5 Studio. But i can not see anything under motor control section to configure motor parameters. It seems some libraries or object files can not imported. Here is the project explorer view of me and quick start guide. Can you explain how can i solve this issue.


By the way, i have also installed "UpdateSite_MCTK_SPC56xx_Web_RTM100".