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Problem when using CAN on STM32H743

Question asked by sol barnett on Jun 4, 2018

Hi can anybody help with this issue I am seeing when trying to use CAN on the STM32H743 


i'm trying to send by CAN message, i have remastered example from cube 'FDCAN_COM_Polling' from their EVAL board to our nucleo board, by that function:

HAL_FDCAN_AddMessageToTxFifoQ(&hfdcan, &TxHeader, &TxData[0]);

and it has filled out FIFO and then goes error, happened inside this function. So i suppose that 2 messages at least PECAN-viewer would show - but it does not.(this is a sniffer device that detects messages on the BUS 
So the question is can any settings for transmitter influence that so that no message would pass?