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Documentation error on DMA channels for I2C4 on STM32F7?

Question asked by Sergio Escobedo on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Sergio Escobedo

   On STM32F7 reference manual (RM0410, Rev 4), in the DMA stream/channel tables (p.249) there are two possible channel assignation por each I2C flow (TX or RX). For example, you can configure I2C1 to transmit using DMA1 on stream 6 channel 1 or stream 7 channel 1.


   However, on I2C4, according to this table, you have 3 possible channels for RX flow, and just 1 for TX flow. Is this an error in the documentation? I guess both should have to possibilities as the rest of I2C channels and they mistyped a I2C4_RX for a I2C4_TX.


¿If it is an error, what is the real I2C4 channels assignation?