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STM32 with TCP/IP

Question asked by Koceila Hami on Jun 5, 2018
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I'm working on a project that aims to develop a program for compliance with the TS13 149 (Home — ITxPT — Information Technology for Public Transport ) standard of passenger counting systems for public transit vehicles produced by the company in which I am doing my work. traineeship. The purpose of the project is to introduce network management protocols based on a TCP / IP (Ethernet) link. To do this, the standard requires a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the following protocols:


SOA: the project must meet a service-oriented architecture

FTP: For file transfer
SSH (Secure Shell): To make secure (encrypted) connections between a client and a server and to have control over a remote terminal.
HTTP: Used for data triggered by an event
mDNS: Simplifies name resolution and enables dynamic scalability and evolution in a local network.
TCP: For data transport
DHCP: For automatic configuration of IP parameters of a station or machine
IP (IPv4, IPv6): For the address space
Ethernet: For the link


My questions are then:

  • Does the STM microcontroller support the TCP / IP stack?
  • If so, what kind of microcontroller should I use? (according to my research, STM32 could do the trick !)
  • Is the TCP / IP stack that is made for this microcontroller supports all the protocols mentioned?
  • Where to download this stack?
  • Which programming environment uses these microcontrollers?


If the STM microcontrollers support all these protocols, our company is committed to carry out this project with this type of microcontrollers


Thank you all