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STM32F437 Ethernet does not sent packets

Question asked by adib on Jun 4, 2018


I have an ownmade ethernet board having Micrel/Microchip KSZ8081MNX.

I started using NUcleo STM32F429ZI using CubeMX 4.25.1

At first it all looked promising and could identify the places where to change the settings for the KSZ8081 instead the LAN8742 from the Nucleo.

Now I run into problems where lWIP wants to output packets but those packets does not go to the ethernet.

Event the lwIP debug output says that is has sent.


I saw here in the forum some related posts about buggy TX DMA but those where related to STM32F7 not the STM32F4 I am using.


I just will generally ask: Are there any unpatched pitfalls in that generated TX code or what could go wrong?


Regards, Adib.