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STM32 + SDIO + FatFS + USB MSC merge problem

Question asked by Vladimir Lobanov on Jun 3, 2018

Hello. I am developing the device on STM32L433 with the following logic of operation:
1) Pressed the button - the sensors are reading (SPI, I2C), data from them are written to the memory card via SDIO + FatFS
2) Pressed the button again - recording stops, the device can be connected to USB as a MSC and copy the previously recorded data.
The bundle of SDIO + FatFS is working, the data is normally written, but MSC does not work at all.
If I am add the line HAL_SD_Init (& hsd1) to the static void function MX_SDMMC1_SD_Init (void), the card is normally detected and works, but after that FatFS stops working on the controller. How to merge them together so they do not conflict?