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Debug more than one application on the same Debug session?

Question asked by Carlos Diaz on Jun 3, 2018
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I need to debug a circuit with 2 microcontrollers (both are STM32F103 and are connected with an STLink to my development pc), i know it's possible to do it on the same Debug session. Acording to this post [1] i should be able to do it knowing the GDB Server running on each STLink, but i haven't been able to find this information.


Here's what i tried first:

- On both of the debug configurations i choose to use the specific STLink Serial Number, here's the capture of one of the configurations.


- I setup the elf file to use on the second debug configuration and choose another STLink to debug it.


- I get the following error when trying to launch the second app, i presume it's because both Debug configurations use the port 64123.


- I see both apps as threads on the Debug session, so i guess the only thing i'm missing is configure properly the GDB server port.


So does anybody knows how to know the GDB server on each STLink?

Do all the STLinks work on the same GDB server?

Is there any other way to debug two applications on the same Debug session?


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[1] Debug Multiple Boards with GDB at the Same Time | MCU on Eclipse