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Creating border router on iMX6 with SPSGRF-915 Sub-1GHz module

Question asked by Anesh Kumar on Jun 2, 2018

My goal is to create SUB-1 GHz 6LOWPAN mesh network, that will interact with an edge/border router and eventually that edge/border router forward data to the internet. For mesh network, I found documentation and resources with the help of that I am able to create the mesh network of microcontroller based nodes.I found resources on ST website on how to make Nucleo board as edge/border router.  

Question: In my case, I have a Freescale/NXP's iMX6 based Linux embedded board, on which SPSGRF-915 modules (from ST) SPI's pins are connected to iMX6 SPI's pins. I want to create edge/border router on this Linux board for that I am looking for Linux Driver, Device tree binding information etc. 

Is ST provides Linux driver for SPIRIT1 (SPSGRF) like they provide for MEMS or NFC? If they provide, can anybody please share the link for that? (I am guessing the answer is hidden in GitHub - contiki-os/contiki: The official git repository for Contiki, the open source OS for the Internet of Things, but I couldn't find which file I should compile for Linux and device tree binding).

Thank you very much to all, I hope to get the solution soon.