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bringing up new STM32H734II board and no debugger

Question asked by rhodes.keith on Jun 1, 2018
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This is a new custom board with the STM32H743II MPU with a Segger jlink debugger. Segger continually says that it cannot connect.

I have tried connecting with both SWD and JTAG, but same result.

All other comments are about SWD mode. We have checked SWDIO and SWCLK and all look fine. I see the bit pattern going down SWDIO correctly.

We have validated VDD at 3.3V, 1.1V on VCAP1 and 2. All VDD and VSS pins are connected correctly.

NRST toggles before SWCLK starts.

JRST is always high.


We have also successfully used the STM32H743ZI part in a different custom board and it works properly.


We have tested this with the latest Segger software (V6.32d).


Does anyone have any experience with this package? Have you ever heard of package-specific problems?


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks...Keith Rhodes