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What is the best way to get started with QSPI-Flash and STM32F7?

Question asked by Kevin Lehzen on Jun 1, 2018
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Hi there,


we are now facing a new chapter of progress for our sensor. Our sensor generates data (8bit arrays) and they want to be stored on the device. On our custom board we built-in a QSPI-Nor Flash memory (IS25WPXXX256D) connected to the QSPI bus of the STM32F746VG like on the respective discovery board.


Our distributor told us about this combination of tools to store the data:

Usage of FreeRTOS, FatFS and USB mass storage (everything middleware) with wear leveling algorithm to increase lifetime. But we think this sounds like much overhead for our little sensor. Currently we are not using any OS and we want to keep it like that. 


So what would be the best way to read from and write to the memory without having an OS? Also is there a more simple solution for the data management with a lookup table or something like that instead of using FatFS?


I guess we are not the only ones facing this issue. I think the qspi-nor flash market will grow fast the next years and will be used much in combination with microcontroller setups.


Thanks in advance!


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Kevin Lehzen