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Question asked by BJ Rajendranath on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by BJ Rajendranath

Hello all,

I'm here using the M95640 EEPROM and communicating via SPI. It looks like I'm sending all the signals correctly from my MCU side, but the device (M95640) is not responding to Signals.


Below is the WriteEnableCommand(0x06)+WriteDataCommand(0x02)+Address(0x1234)+Data(0xAB) I send on D



Below is the ReadCommand(0x03)+Address(0x1234) I send on D



But If I observe the data output from the device(M95640), it is always high which means I'm receiving FF always.


Below is the EEPROM circuit 


Kindly suggest If any changes required.


Thanks in advance,


BJ Rajendranath.