David Bathurst

STM32CubeMX update blows away my projects

Discussion created by David Bathurst on Jun 1, 2018

Trying to update STM32CubeMX on Ubuntu from 4.24.0 to 4.25.1 using the Update option from the pull-down menu blows away all my projects.    Fortunately I'd tarred up the original STM32CubeMX directory so I can revert to that with no problem, which also allows me to repeat the exercise.... it's behaviour is consistent every time. 


Attached is the shell transcript of the update.   After the update, it asks me to relaunch with superviser privs, and after doing that I relaunch again as a normal user.   You can see that my Test1 project goes from full to empty during the process.


user@dcbpc:~/STM32CubeMX$ ls Projects/Test1
build Inc Makefile~ Src STM32F091RCTx_FLASH.ld Test1.mak
Drivers Makefile Makefile.generated startup_stm32f091xc.s Test1.ioc Test1.mak~


update happens here....


user@dcbpc:~/STM32CubeMX$ ls Projects/Test1