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How to swap banks using BOOT_ADD0

Question asked by ced seg on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by Nesrine M

Hi everyone,


I have a STM32F7 Discovery board and I would like to upload new firmware on it.


I read AN2606 and AN4826, and I saw that it's possible to split the flash into two memory banks (nDBank = 0) and I can start either on one or the other bank using BOOT_ADD0.


I have downloaded the extended_cube_dbank_f7 file that provide an example of dual bank boot. I followed every steps, which isn't hard, but I am still not able to boot on the second bank whether I change BOOT_ADD0.


I have used STM32 Utility to configure my MCU (unchecked nDBank in Option Bytes, while nDBoot is still checked), I have programmed the two banks with different firmware @0x08000000 and @0x08100000.


The BOOT_ADD0 parameter, under Boot adress option bytes section, has no effect whether I use 0x0080 or 0x0081. I can boot @0x08000000 but it seems like something goes wrong when I try to start @0x08100000!


I followed the tutorial step by step, did I miss something? 


Thanks for the help.