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VL53L1X with atmega328

Question asked by manjesh n on May 31, 2018
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I have project for obstacle distance measurement where VL53L1X sensor is used and the microcontroller is Atmeag 328. I have downloaded API reference code. But there are lot of files which is really confusing me. I have used single sensor in my project. I have written software I2C to read basic register information from VL53L1X. I am able read the following registers properly.

Model ID - 0x010F - Am reading 0xEA which is correct

Model Type - 0x0110 - Am reading 0xCC which is correct

Mask Revision - 0x0111 - Am reading 0x10 which is correct

But to measure the distance there are lot of API's. It would be really helpful if i get any sample code or example code with atmel Microcontroller.


Kindly help me.