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looking for solutions/ideas/chip for my project

Question asked by John Doe on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by AvaTar


As a beginner I develop projects on STM32 boards. It's a very good choice for me and I am glad that I chose STM32.


I create my small home project and I have a trouble to choose the appropriate additional solutions (stm32 also welcome as well).


Short description of the project:
I have master board and slave boards. Each slave boards in connected to master via rs485. Slave board accepts 3072 bytes (50 updates per second).

Each slave board is connected to master via independent uart.


The problem is that I can control only 6 independent uarts. I would like to control i.e. ~50 slaves by rs485.
Each slave should take different data. It is important that the data for the boards are sent at the same time.


My other solution is to create many master boards, but this solution is quite ineffective and expensive. (i.e. 50 slaves / 6 uarts ~= 9 master boards).


How I can extend uarts on my master board? I tried to use FTDI chip, but it allows to control only 4 more uarts.


I would be grateful for ideas. There are no bad answers here.