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STSM-LINK009 driver issue Windows 10

Question asked by Paul Leslie on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by pavel a

I downloaded the STSM-Link009 driver and extracted the zip file content to a folder on my C:\ drive. ran the 64-bit .exe file. Everything seemed to install correctly. I have a Windows 10 64-bit OS. I then connected my STM32VL Discovery board and windows automatically installed a driver called WPD FileSystem Volume driver instead of the usb driver for the STM32VL Discovery board. 


I then tried installing using the .inf file. I chose update driver, let me pick from a list of available drivers, have disk, chose the folder that contains the zip file contents and when I hit OK it gives me an error that says the folder does not contain any compatible software for x64 based system.


I then chose Browse my computer for driver software. Selected the folder which contains the zip file contents. Selected next and the response says the best driver for your device is already installed. The driver is the WFD FileSystem Volume driver. 


I have uninstalled the device and tried again with same results. I then turned off windows automatically installing drivers and again had the same result. 


I am at a loss on what to try next to get this working. Any help would be appreciated!