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EEPROM emulation for NUCLEO-L432KC

Question asked by Peter Seidel on May 30, 2018

Hello developers,


I am working with the board NUCLEO-L432KC and I like to store some data persistently in the flash memory. I want to be able to access this data via the running code and via USB. (The intension is, that I create a configuration file in the flash memory while the board is plugged via USB to another computer. Later, when the software on the board is started, it should read that data and proceed then in the right way, so that I don't have to make a software version -but just different configuration files- for each wheel.) - But unfortunately every file, which I am copying to the board gets deleted, when the board is replugged to USB...


I found following solution to address this:


But I don't know how to integrate this project into mine. Can anyone give me a beginner step by step guide for this please?

Thanks a lot!