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STM32 IAP steps

Question asked by namekar.prashant on May 29, 2018

I am working on the STM32F401RE, I want to implement IAP using the same board and STM32f0, I am using the HAL Library.

As per the steps, I am putting the IAP firmware at the First Sector at 0x08000000

and the application firmware at 0x08004000.

In total, I will be having three binaries,

1. The first is the IAP at 0x08000000

2. The second is the already existing application 0x08004000.

3. The third is the binary, I want to download in the Flash. (Firmware via UART)



What will be the address location of the third binary? or it will get overwritten at the Existing application address?

What modification needs to be done for writing the firmware for third binary? (Address wise).