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STM32F3 GPIO not working properly

Question asked by Amine cheriti on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by AvaTar

Hi guy,

I'm new to STM32. I'm using a STM32F373. I'm just trying to use the GPIO, and turn on some LEDS that are on port C(C0,C1,C2,C3) but it does not work. Actually, my problem is with the written operation. I am not able to configure my GPIOC->ODR register to turn on only LED1 (which is on C0). I tried to use the BSRR register but I get the same result: LED2-3-4 turn on( C1,C2,C3) but the only LED I was trying to power on is off... Thanks for the help !



#include "stm32f3xx.h" // Device header
unsigned int i;
int main(void)
//AHB peripheral clock enable register, needs to be activated so that the readable values are good (used to recude power consumption)
(RCC->AHBENR )= (1UL << 19);
//GPIO mode register Configure desired I/o pin as out,in,analog
//(GPIOC->MODER)= 0x00000031;
(GPIOC->MODER)|= 0x00000055;
// Reset output data register
//(GPIOC->ODR) = (0x00000000);

// First attempt with ODR
// Second attempt with BSRR