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STM32L476RG + IDW01M1 - WiFi hangs before connecting

Question asked by Darren Hogan on May 28, 2018

Hi! I'm looking for some help in getting my STM32L476RG and IDW01M1 up and running with the FP-CLD-AZURE1 STM32Cube function pack. I also have the sensors.


I've flashed the board with the relevant binaries etc... The Azure_Sns_DM program accepts my azure and WiFi variables but just seems to hang after getting to the connection string:


Output below:


UART Initialized
I2C Initialized

STMicroelectronics Azure_Sns_DM:
Version 3.3.0
STM32L476RG-Nucleo board
Azure SDK Version 1.1.31
Ok Accelero Sensor
Ok Gyroscope Sensor
Ok Magneto Sensor
Ok Humidity Sensor
Ok Temperature Sensor1
Ok Temperature Sensor2
Ok Pressure Sensor
Enabled Accelero Sensor
Enabled Gyroscope Sensor
Enabled Magneto Sensor
Enabled Humidity Sensor
Enabled Temperature Sensor1
Enabled Temperature Sensor2
Enabled Pressure Sensor
(HAL 1.8.2_0)
Compiled May 26 2018 08:21:23 (openstm32)
OTA with one HTTP HEAD + Multiple HTTP one GET of 1024Bytes
Testing BootLoaderCompliance:
Version 1.2.0
BL Version Ok
MagicNum Ok
MaxSize 0x7c000
OTAStartAdd Ok
BootLoader Compliant with FOTA procedure
Init Application's Timers
Init Random Number Generator
Enabled Free Fall
Init WIFI's Timers
| WIFI Credential |
Meta Data Manager read from Flash
Meta Data Manager version=0.8.0
Generic Meta Data found:
WIFI Size=81 [bytes]
AZURE Size=256 [bytes]
Default SSID : <redacted>
Default PassWd : <redacted>
Default EncMode: WPA2/WPA2-Personal
Wait 3 seconds for allowing User Button Control for changing it
| Connection String |
Default Connection String : <redacted>
Wait 3 seconds for allowing User Button Control for changing it


I can't for the life of me see whats going on after this point - AT commands don't seem to work.

If I could get some debug from the terminal that might give me a clue - but as I'm a newbie at all this I'm struggling...


Any help appreciated!