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Flash Loader Demonstrator stuck at 82%

Question asked by sayag.noam on Sep 16, 2011

I am trying to download my application using the flash loader demonstrator and I am running into a problem at the same point each time - After 82% of the download the communication stops (see attached screen capture of FlashLoader before and after the failure)

I have monitored the port with a serial port monitor (from HHD) and it looks like the application itself stops sending the data. Attached is the serial port monitor capture of the last communication from the flash loader side - there is a full block sent, then a start of a write memory command (0x31 0xCE) and then nothing (see attached screen dump of SerialPortMonitor)...

Has anyone encountered that before? Any idea why? Can it be related to the .s19 file (I had issues getting the application to compile - see my other post on

Thanks, Noam.