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NUCLEOL476RG  read  battery level using ADC.

Question asked by gallucci.carmelo on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by gallucci.carmelo

Hello ST All.

I have a NUCLEOL476RG and i have some troubles trying to read a battery level using ADC.

I made a voltage divider partitor to get 3.3V starting from 14.1V.

1)  using 162K resistor + 50K resistor the adc read 2.9v

2) using 68.8k + 20.78k the adc read 2.6v.

Using multimeter on partitor in both read 3.20v .

If i read 3.3 from Nucleo (CN7  pin 2 or 4) adc read correctly.


please, Anyone may helm me with hints?