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Lis2dh12 non-linearity error

Question asked by Ambi Yuen on May 28, 2018

Hi all, 


Recently, I am working on a IoT device in which MEMS accelerometer LIS2DH12 from ST is embedded. Accelerations from the sensor will be used in offline calculations. I am trying to do an error analysis but it seems that there exist no official releases of the non-linearity figures nor in the community. In some of the MEMS accelerometers from ST, eg. LIS331AL, they did mention the NL is 0.5%FS. I understand that these MEMS sensors are not supposed to be used in accurate measurements, maybe usually just as a reference of tilt angle but I still want to know how "inaccurate" it is in my application. 

Maybe I really miss some official documents from ST  which states the numbers..... 

Information from ST people are highly appreciated, thanks