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VL53L0X: Cone at Distance X - Objects in way

Question asked by Jonathan Frech on May 26, 2018

My question is about the VL53L0X.


In the Datasheet on Page 30, there is a Collector Exclusion and Emiter Exclusion Zone defined. Sadly I did not find any information how big the cone will be at a Distance X. Is this cone expanding with the same angle as shown in the graphic?


My conecern is the following. Imagine the VL53L0X Vertically mounted in 1cm high on a endless white surface. At some distance X the cone of the sensor will be so large, that it will detect the white surface. A Object on Distance X+n would then not be recognized.


How can if ind out what the maximum circle of detection is at range max of 2000mm?

And how does the VL53L0X work? Is there a single, absoulte range value, or is it possible to still detect a change in constellation even if the VL53L0X sees an obstacle? By the change of value from the changed constellation?


Thank you