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Question asked by aatif shaikh on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Imen D

      According to my experience, STM-controller is one of the best controllers I have ever worked with. currently, I'm working on a project based on STM32F103ZET6 controller and everything works really fine and well. in this project, as  STM32F103ZET6 doesn't have any direct ETHERNET PHY facility(connectivity via MII or RMII) I'm using an external converter module(UART TO ETHERNET) as the TCP-CLIENT to connect my STM32F103ZET6 with my server application. 
      Now I want to reduce my project physical size and code complexity, thus I'm planning to move on STM32F107VCT6 which support both RMII and MII connection and does Have an internal MAC support. As I'm really new in terms of configuring ETHERNET in STM32F107VCT6 as TCP client mode. I just want to implement a basic TCP SERVER CLIENT communication where my device will work as a TCP CLIENT endpoint, so it will be really appreciated if anyone guides me how to do so and also if possible any example projects(KEIL or IAR)/source code with the libraries available for reference would be a great help. 
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