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ISO 15693 - SOF / EOF for St25R3911B

Question asked by nicolai geske on May 25, 2018
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I'm developing a System for different NFC types. ISO 14443-A and B works well with ST25R3911B, but I have some trouble getting the ISO 15693 working.


The St25R3911B is set to Sub-carrier Stream-Mode and all settings are done.


I have my dataword (flags, command, mask, makslength, crc16) with LSB and LSb first.

I write this to FIFO. But start transmit with direct Command "RFID_TRANSMIT_WITHOUT_CRC" / ("RFID_TRANSMIT_WITH_CRC") does not give me any response.


To me it looks like the SOF / EOF ( actually I do not do any SOF / EOF - datasheet tells timing is done in St25R3911B)

is wrong.


Could someone give me a hint ?


Best regards, Nicolai.