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Interfacing a Bluetooth Module with STM32L0xx

Question asked by Ash G on May 25, 2018

Hello STM32 community,


I'm working on a project to interface a Bluetooth module(Adafruit Bluefruit LE Friend) with STM32L073RZ. I'll be using HAL drivers and STM32CubeMX in this project. I'm new to STM32 environment. I need to send some data from an app (currently using Bluetooth LE app) to STM32 via the Bluetooth module. Once I get this working, I need to use Bluetooth module in command mode to determine the signal strength. I spent some time skimming through similar implementations.


I have decided to use UART with DMA so that I can put STM32 to a low power mode when it's not receiving or transmitting any data. As far as I can understand Tx is straightforward. But for Rx I need to use a circular buffer with idle line detection since I do not know the size of the incoming packets. I have tried Efficiently use DMA with UART RX on STM32  But I couldn't get it to work. What I'm trying to achieve is send some data from a Bluetooth app and display it on a hyper terminal. I tried some AT commands as well. But didn't got any response from the Bluetooth module. I would appreciate if some one could point me in the right direction or share any similar examples.

Thank you!