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C++ interrupts from cubeMX generated project

Question asked by Inverse Inductor on May 25, 2018

I have discovered that renaming stm32f4xx_it.c to stm32f4xx_it.cpp in sw4stm32 causes interrupts to no longer work even after converting the project to C++.


I have attached a minimum project for sw4stm32 that demonstrates the problem Don't let the size fool you, there are around 5 lines of user generated code in there.

To build in C++, you need to exclude the .c version of the file (such as main.c) and rename it to have a .cpp extension in order to get everything to co-operate. I did this procedure with the stm32f4xx_it file, but no luck.


From my rudimentary understanding of how this programming stuff works, I believe that this is a problem with the linker. I'm just not sure how. The directories that these files are in are included by default, so they should build just fine as far as I understand.