Discussion created by handzic.dirk on May 25, 2018

I am using COMP channel 1 and 2 with INMSEL set to 0x04 in COMP->CFGR1 and to 0x05 in COMP->CFGR2 in order to use the DAC output as reference to detect external analog voltage thresholds. I am using COMP_IRQHandler() to handle the interrupts once threshold are reached.


PB1 is configured as analog input for ADC1 channel 5.


However a voltage applied to PB1 will generate interrupts for COMP_IRQHandler(), it seems that the INMSEL multiplexers are not working as expected! I have tried to configure PB1 as digital input as well but that does not help either.





P.S. srms.ioc applies to this problem too. Same board as all other STM32H743 problems.D.S.