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How do I set stepper parameters when using an IHM02A1 board?

Question asked by Clark Sann on May 23, 2018

I am using an IHM02A1 board with a Nucleo F401RE. I have ported the drivers into a new CubeMX project and I can run the example program. The example program's stepper parameters (in parameters.c) seem to be working but I doubt they are optimal for my motors.


I now want to optimize my stepper parameters. I have tried using SPIN02, but it won't connect to my Nucleo. Upon further reading, I find it does not work with the IHM02A1 board. As far as I can tell, no evaluation software works with this board.


So can anyone give me any tips on how to safely set these parameters?


Best regards and thanks in advance for the help!