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VL53L1 sensors activate without expansion board but by using SHUT pin on/off

Question asked by leo su on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by leo su

We use VL53L1 connected to our MCU board without xVL53L1 expansion board as DevId = 0/1/2...
By using MCU controlling the IO to off/on the XSHUT pin of sensor but during init. process,


it fails at VL53L1_WaitDeviceBooted() with error message, VL53L1_ERROR_CONTROL_INTERFACE


flow is as below:


1. XSHUT with all 3 sensor to low for device-disable.

2. each enable by XSHUT to high with standard init process as example code suggests

-> it fails at this stage, (I2C seems not working..,,. is it related with 


/* 2V8 power mode selection codex 447463 */
#ifdef USE_I2C_2V8

Status = VL53L1_RdByte(Dev, VL53L1_PAD_I2C_HV__EXTSUP_CONFIG, &i);
if (Status == VL53L1_ERROR_NONE) {
i = (i & 0xfe) | 0x01;
Status = VL53L1_WrByte(Dev, VL53L1_PAD_I2C_HV__EXTSUP_CONFIG,



but it is called at fun VL53L1_DataInit() after VL53L1_WaitDeviceBooted() and this will cause
I2C action failure during VL53L1_WaitDeviceBooted(), any help?