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I2C2 start condition Reset macro?

Question asked by Phanirajkiran M on May 23, 2018


Im using i2c2 instance for STM32L4+ Nucleo144 L4R5ZI. 

When i want to write the i2c2_start(), i do 

a. /* Check the parameters */

b. /* Generate a START condition */ 

         I2Cx->CR2 |= I2C_CR2_START;

c. /* Disable the START condition generation */

         ?????? what i need to take here ??????

There is not SWRESET macro for i2c_cr2 in  STM32L4r5xx.h, where as i have a reset for i2c1 (I2C_CR1_SWRST) and i dont have i2c_cr1_start for i2c1_cr1, which is available for i2c_cr2. 


My doubt is to disable start condition in STM32L4+ what i need to take.