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Problem getting Application to run with DFU (STM32F4)

Question asked by Christoph Eschenbach on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Christoph Eschenbach

Hello there,


i have a Application based on FreeRTOS running on STM32F429ZI-Nucleo with LwIP. FreeRTOS Tick is based on TIM6. The Application runs well.

So i have tried now the demo for DFU and it works correctly. So i was trying to push my application instead of the demo application.

Before this i changed the linker configuration in IAR for my application:

Verctor table: -> .invec start: 0x08008000

Memory Regions: -> ROM Start: 0x08008000.

Downloading the code via dfu works fine.

But when my application starts it jumps at a specific location below the base address.

While debugging there come 2 different problems:

1. Debuging the USBD_DFU project in IAR.

It Jumps to application and then Hangs up in TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler (startup_stm32F429xx.s) [Disassembly 0x80031dc] which is somewhere in the dfu code.

2. Debugging my application:

Disassembly is suddenly located at 0x80031dc which is basically somewhere in the memory region of the dfu bootloader. Step by step i went through the code.

Point after the jump backwards happens int stm32f4xx_hal_timebase_TIM.c function HAL_InitTick() ->


if(HAL_TIM_Base_Init(&htim6) == HAL_OK)
    /* Start the TIM time Base generation in interrupt mode */
    return HAL_TIM_Base_Start_IT(&htim6); //<----- happens while/after this

I guess it has something to do with the interrupts.

So I had a look at the element htim6 and found out weird values :

htim6->hdma->[0]->parent     Value: 0x0800308B

->XferCpltCallback                 Value: 0x0800308D

and so on.


Since i have never had to deal with any bootloaders i have trouble to find a solution.

Did I made mistakes setting up the linker? Do I have to change source code for the init of my application code?

Did I miss any points i should have considered to set up the application to run on a different base address?

I dont know where to start ?


Please Help