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ST25 SDK v1.2.0 available online

Discussion created by Damien G. Employee on May 23, 2018



version 1.2.0 of the Java ST25 SDK is available.


New content include:

  • st25sdk.jar
    API changes:
    - TagHelper.identifyTypeVProduct() and TagHelper.identifyType4Product() can now throw the TAG_NOT_IN_THE_FIELD STException
    if the tag was moved out of the RF field in the middle of the discovery process.
    - ST25DVTag.readMailboxMessage and ST25DVTag.fastReadMailboxMessage return a status byte before the data when requested read size = 1.
    New Features:
    - Support for ST25TV02K tag with EAS and tamper detect features.
    - Other features such as digital signature and untraceable mode are available under NDA. Please contact ST.
    - Support for ST25DV-W1 and ST25DV-W2 dynamic tags with PWM output
    - New About class created to return the st25sdk library version + the list of extra features (available in NDA versions)
    - New STException MISSING_LIBRARY used when building an application with the SDK without the proper dependencies.
    Changes and improvements:
    - Added writeCCFile(byte[] buffer) to CCFileInterface.
    - NDEF WifiRecord can now handle all the possible authentication and encryption types
    Bug fixes:
    - Removed limitations of ST25DVTag.readMailboxMessage and ST25DVTag.fastReadMailboxMessage when asking for a single byte of data.
    Now no exception is sent + the status byte is returned before the data byte, to be coherent with the values returned for other sizes.
    - Added space between first name and last name values of the vCARD's [N]ame field


  • Reader libraries
    FEIG readers:
    - Updated transceive implementation to return response for ST25TV and ST25DV-W commands
    - Added method to set the response length before any command
    - Adjusted FEIG readers transmit/receive length parameters
    ST readers:
    - Fixed toggling PCB for Type 4 anti-collision sequence
    - Corrected JNI crash on reconnect