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MotionMC calibration fails (all params have default value)

Question asked by kedopofe kedopofe on May 22, 2018
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I'm currently trying to use the MotionEC library for an E-Compass application, and to calibrate the Magnetometer with the MotionMC library. I'm using an STM32L1-DISCO with an LSM303AGR. My general idea is to run the calibration algorithm for x seconds, then get the calibration parameters, and apply them to the e-compass calculation.


The MotionEC library works perfectly fine but I ran into troubles with the MotionMC library.

At first, I'm running the MotionMC_Update function with the parameters I'm reading from the Magnetometer. After that, I'm calling MotionMC_GetCalParams to get the calibration parameters. But the library is always returning the following default values:

HI_Bias = {0, 0, 0},

SF_Matrix = {{1, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 0}, {0, 0, 1}},


Here is my code (based on the ST examples).


// gets called every 20ms

void doCalibrationStep()
    SensorAxes_t mag_data_uncompensated;


    MMC_Input_t data_in;
    data_in.Mag[0] = (float) mag_data_uncompensated.AXIS_X / 10.0f;
    data_in.Mag[1] = (float) mag_data_uncompensated.AXIS_Y / 10.0f;
    data_in.Mag[2] = (float) mag_data_uncompensated.AXIS_Z / 10.0f;


    data_in.TimeStamp = timestamp * COMPASS_REPORT_INTERVAL;


    // example data_in: Mag = {-64, 5.5, 17.1000004}, TimeStamp = 0


    MMC_Output_t data_out;


    dbg("CalParams X: %f, Y: %f, Z: %f, Quality: %d\r\n", data_out.HI_Bias[0], data_out.HI_Bias[1],
            data_out.HI_Bias[2], data_out.CalQuality);   // everything has default values, no matter how often I run the algo




void doCalibration()
    MotionMC_Initialize(COMPASS_REPORT_INTERVAL, 1);
    char lib_version[200];


    dbg(lib_version);   // here the correct version is printed


    <doCalibrationStep() is called repeatedly in 20ms intervals until x seconds elapsed>


    MotionMC_GetCalParams(&cal_params);   // all parameters are zero


I have absolutely no clue what's wrong. Do I miss something?