Phil Olivier

STM32F103C8T issue with T1C3N on PB15 + SPI2

Discussion created by Phil Olivier on May 21, 2018
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there is an issue when using TIM1 PWM output on CH3 on PA10 + CH3N on PB15 + SPI2 : as soons as SPI2 clock is enabled in RCC->APB1ENR the PWM signal on CH3N on PB15 stops and pin is stuck to zero.

This is independant of SPI2 configuration registers.

This has been tested on CH3N only, not CH1N/CH2N.

This is independant of clock speed setting in APB1/2 peripherics and timers (tested with all at max speed 72M & 36M, and all at same speed 36M)



use CH3N on PB1: works even if SPI1 and/or SPI2 clocks are enabled


Issue not documented in errata sheet of Nov 2015: DocID14574 Rev 13

Limitation not documented in datasheet nor in reference manual.