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LSM303C abnormal power consumption and acceleration module breaking down

Question asked by yanqin gem on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by Miroslav B

Hi, ST

    We met some problem when used LSM303C. We operated LSM303C go to power-down mode after the module power on . Generally , the LSM303C current consumption is about 6 uA which is consistent with the datasheet electrical characteristics table. But sometimes the  current consumption would increase to 48 uA after the module power on. And it seems that the acceleration module didn't work well for reading  accelerometer Who_AM_I register to get 0x00 but not  0x41.  What may cause this phenomenon. Please give us some guide advice.

     Our operating codes are as follow:


void LSM303C_Init(void)


I2C_WriteOneByte(lsm303_acc,LSM303C_CTRL_REG5_A, 0x40);//Soft reset
I2C_WriteOneByte(lsm303_acc,LSM303C_CTRL_REG6_A, 0x80);//Force reboot

I2C_WriteOneByte(lsm303_mag,LSM303C_CTRL_REG2_M, 0x0c);//Reboot memory content, And register reset


I2C_WriteOneByte(lsm303_acc,LSM303C_CTRL_REG1_A, 0x00);//power down
I2C_WriteOneByte(lsm303_mag,LSM303C_CTRL_REG3_M, 0x03);//power down