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What type of keys or data should require to get access of already provisioned #BluetoothMesh Node ?

Question asked by vikrant more on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by mittal.alok kumar

Is all 3 keys (NET, APP, DEV) important to access already provisioned #BluetoothMesh NODE over GATT / ADV Bearer ?




Assume with #BlueNRG-Mesh App, user has provisioned multiple NODEs & delete the App.

And there is now hardware mechanism available to unprovision them.


Now what data APP should store on cloud from .json file to handle following cases ( NET Key is must ...besides that ) ??

  1) only to unprovision NODE (I think, individual's Device key requires in this case. Am I right ?)

  2) to fetch data from NODE to re-create complete .json file



Could we allow user to generate APP & NET Keys using his login credentials ?