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Cosmic linker error - Section Boundary crossing

Question asked by sayag.noam on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by John Flood
Hi all,

I am busy modifying my code so that I can utilize a custom bootloader. My application code is running and compiling with no problems on its own.
The problem begins when I try to shift the start address of the code and interrupt vector to 0x9090 and 0x9000 respectively. The symptom is a list of linker errors of the following format -
#error clnk Release\sr.lkf:78 Release\request.o: section boundary crossing (.text:0014)

I have followed the instructions in AN2659 which only requires to change the addresses of the code and interrupt vector in the project's settings (settings->Linker Input)

I have checked the MAP file of the compiled version before the shift and there is no code space issue (the code is around 36K and I am using a 64K processor).

Any explanation/assistance would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Noam.