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STVD+ST-LinkV2+Debug: comm errors

Discussion created by Bruno KANT on May 19, 2018
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I've searched but do not find recent posts about this subject, the previous one are some years old, mostly in Chineese.


I've installed the latest STVD+Cosmic softwares for Windows (10 64bits), which work fine. I've also sucessesfully flashed my ST-LinkV2 dongle with the latest firmware delivered with STVD. I think that dongle is a clone, the sort which directly plugs to PC USB port. I can compile, download software to the target, and sometime only, I can also debug.


When I start to debug (after I have flashed a debug load to the target), most the time I do hit SWIM communication errors with the target. Then the debuging tool is dead. Depending of the numbers of code lines, debug may or not work.


My target is a STM8L151F3, 8 Kbyte of Flash, 1 Kbyte of RAM. I thought it could be a flash or RAM size issue as I could use the debug tool with several small programs. Then I ordered a STM8L Dicovery kit, with has more room inside: STM8L152C6T6, 32 KB Flash, 2 KB RAM. But I do hit the same issue: I can flash and run my code, but I hit SWIM communications issues when I use the STVD debug tool.


Is it related to the ST-LinkV2 dongle I use or do I have something to fix on the PC side?