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Suggest Low cost STM32 board to evaluate USB host and device

Question asked by rohit kumar on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by rohit kumar

Hi All,


I am new to STM32 family and need your suggestion on selecting a board which I can use to learn and understand USB host and USB device programming and firmware.


One day into STM32, I understand that they have a single STM32cube software package which is all I need to evaluate any board/Micro based on STM32. hat is great as all BSP is clubbed together.


I was looking at PIC earlier, but STM32 seems more well documented and organized.


The board should have below features:

- USB host support

- USB device support

- Ready to use examples for USB devices

- If USB examples are FreeRTOS based then thats excellent