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Strange behavior of Port G and SPI of STM32L4+  (STM32L4R7ZIT6-144 Pin LQFP Package)

Question asked by VK Verma on May 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 19, 2018 by VK Verma

Hi !

I am using STM32L4R7ZIT6-144 Pin LQFP Package on Keil-MDK, So far all other GPIO ports SET/REST test is normal except Port G with its associated SPI configuration which is neither getting SET nor RESET on push pull ,pull up mode. Although System viewer during debug mode in Keil -MDK showes normal set/reset toggle behavior for PG9/10/11/12 ports but output of the ports is not remains low and unchnaged.

I have tested VDDIO supply at pin no 131 and 95 with respect to 130 and 94 which is 3.2V.

We have tested it with three different hardware's and found the behavior same.

Due to this we are unable to use SPI3 on either of these ports.


Please advice!


Thanks and Best Regards,

VK Verma