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UART Multiprocessor and half-duplex mode at the same time

Question asked by Christoph Hesse on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by AvaTar


I would like to combine STM32 UART multiprocessor mode with half duplex mode, connecting a number of slaves in short distance to a STM32 using one wire, or twisted pair differential drivers. In CubeMX, this is not supported by default, only Multiprocessor OR half duplex is possible.


Is there any way to do it with CubeMX?


If not, can I init the UART to use both Multiprocessor mode and half-duplex mode using HAL? It seems possible from the hardware side of things?


Will it be possible to connect all slaves' TX to the same line (possibly using buffers for signal conditioning) without further measures, or do I have to manually set the TX to high impedance when they are not sending?

If I have to do it manually, how do I do it? Deactivate the UART? Set it immediately to RX mode?