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Switching from read only memory mapped mode to Indirect mode and vice versa in STM32F746G-Discovery board.

Question asked by Pradeep Sathyan on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Pradeep Sathyan

Hello everyone, I am just a beginner in ARM development. I have started a GUI development on STM32F746G-Discover board, After couple of days my project got too many screens and I had to use the on board external QSPI-Flash for storing my program (near to 4 MB). It is working fine on memory mapped mode, I store all the BMP to C files and all. 

But the problem started when I'm trying to use this external QSPI flash also as a database, which means I wanna write data to it, which means I need to switch from read only memory mapped mode to Indirect mode and vice versa. I was trying to use HAL function comes with the board not digging deep into register or assembly level. but my screen freezes whenever I change from memory mapped to indirect mode, I assume it is because of the code it self is residing on external flash. Then I tried writing 

/* Stop memory mapped mode */



to HAL in a different function. but that also failed. can anyone help me with this?

stm32f746g-disco qspi flash segger embedded gui