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Multiple (more than 3) synchronised data outputs?

Question asked by John Wickham on May 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by John Wickham

Hi, I'm fairly new both to ARM and to C programming, but I'm attempting to write a library to allow me to interface an STM32F103 with a hub-75 RGB LED panel. I know it's possible as I've seen similar projects, but I want to come up with my own code and learn by throwing myself in at the deep end. 


Predictably, I've gotten stuck fairly early on in the proceedings!


As well as several other control lines, I need to be able to shift different bytes of data out to 6 pins simultaneously. Can anyone describe roughly how I could make this happen? I know I can send an individual byte to a port and have it output across 8 pins, but I need to be able to have 6 separate bytes and output each of them of a different pin simultaneously with a shared clock. Any ideas?