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Experience with the powerstep01 (RIP)

Discussion created by Ron Verstegen on May 18, 2018
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Good evening everybody,


I purchased a few days ago the ELVPOWERSTEP01 evaluation board, together with the STEVAL-PCC009V2 USB-to-SPI bridge board. It worked fine until a few minutes ago. I was experimenting with a stepper motor. I did not succeed to get the stepper rotating faster than 200 steps/sec. I added all the data I have from the steppermotor, coil resistance, self inductance, max current and voltage. The motor kept resonating at slight higher speeds. Suddenly the powerstep01 got very hot and died....The steppermotor I use is from B&R, so the quality is outstanding. I sold about 400 pieces with my current driver.


In the near future I need another (self designed) stepper controller, so I started with the powerstep01


I was making very slow progress with the powerstep01 IC, though I am not new to steppermotor driving. 


Is there anybody else who has got problems in starting up with that IC?


I will order another sample of the ELVPOWERSETP board, and will try it one more time.


I need more info how to tune a steppermotor for the powerstep01 IC. 

Is there anyone who experienced the same difficulties?


I hope to hear from anyone soon...



Kind regards,