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Low power manager in Sigfox expansion software X-CUBE-SFOX

Question asked by Sully Mind on May 18, 2018

Hello everyone, I am working on the B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Lora/Sigfox Discovery kit and particularly on the integration of the Sigfox expansion software, named  X-CUBE-SFOX.

When reading the code, I don’t understand something related to the low power manager.

Effectively, what are the processes whose IDs are defined in the structure LPM_Id_t (in the file ‘utilities_conf.h’ located in the folder en.x-cube-sfox -> STM32CubeExpansion_SFOX_V1.0.0 -> Projects -> B-L072Z-LRWAN1 -> Applications -> Sgfx -> Sgfx_push_button -> inc ) ?

For instance, let’s take the process ID LPM_APPLI_Id defined in this structure. When searching for references in all the project files, there is only one reference with the call of this function in the main : LPM_SetOffMode(LPM_APPLI_Id, LPM_Disable);

So with this function call, we disable off mode of the process identified by LPM_APPLI_Id but what is this process ?

Thank you in advance